Investor X – USDCHF Sell, Pips Alert Reviews/Results Stand

A trader reported that the signal below ended up only doing 55 pips, instead of the claimed 90+ pips by the company.
Our team decided to dig deeper and see what actually happened.

First Signal

TP 0.99400 | SL 1.00700

Later Update

Move Stoploss 1.00900
And Set Sell Limit 1.00600

As you can see above 10/24-25 is when the first signal was sent out;
Then they later updated for a pending order to added in on 10/29 and also move of stop loss.

The pending order ended up hitting, then the BE alert got posted on 11/1, this is where the trader might have mistaken for a close of 55 pips, instead the BE did not return as you can see.

They signal a close of original entry at 0 pips after major pull back/draw-down, but later they closed 90 pips with the other entry.


Lost Claim

Pips Alert results stand on this.

Changes from company

No changes needed as the results were back-tested and stand corrected.