Investor X – EUR/JPY Trade

Report Claim:

I dont understand how the recent EURJPY trade went for as many pips profit as reported. Entry was at 129.85 yesterday at 0622 EST. At 0644 the trade was 15 pips profit. Message was to close half and set to break even. Next update was today at 0208 EST and reported 70 pips running close another half and hold. BUT, 1.5 hours after the initial close and BE move at 15 pips the trade was stopped out at the break even point. In fact price went 24 pips past BE at 4 hours after the initial TP. Why the discrepancy?

Pips Alert Reply:


Another internal investigation was done and things have been corrected. The data entry team had to work on two platforms this week with the trading departments, and especially a crazy week as things are transitioning to a new platform. This is in no way of us making excuses, but we shall live to our goal of being honest.

The trade was over ruled.


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