Investor X – GBP/USD Trade

Reported Claim:

November 7th at 0935 EST was a GBPUSD sell again trade at 1.3147. At 1048 PM et was 24 pips profit close half move to BE. At 0211 on the 8th it was 48 pips running. Today it was reported running 120 pips plus profit. But, trade was stopped out on November 8th at 0330 EST when trade went 3 pips past the BE/Entry price. Why the discrepancy? This is the second one have noticed in 2 days.

Pips Alert Response:


The internal investigation team went in and looked at the data pip by pip, down to the micro. It’s true, we hit BE by just 2.9 pips, in turn we have over ruled the trade. At times we make human error, but will always 100% make sure its fixed.

We have made correct changes and announced it as well.

If ever find any trade that is not tracked in the correct manner, always contact us and our internal investigation team will double check and report properly. We always let the charts speak for themselves.

Thanks for understanding and reporting that in.

Changes  Made: